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6 Essential Wellness Care Services for Pets

Your pet’s good health depends on preventive and proactive care through annual wellness screening tests, yet many pet owners skip these visits. Your pet may appear healthy and happy, but changes could be occurring internally that may affect them down the line. Our Bartow Animal Clinic team believes strongly in the power of preventive and [...]

A Quick Guide to Recognizing Veterinary Emergencies

Every pet owner must understand what constitutes a veterinary emergency, because illnesses, injuries, and abnormalities can take a sudden turn for the worse. Knowing when to seek immediate veterinary attention can significantly affect your pet's health and well-being, and the outcome of their malady. Our comprehensive list will help you identify common situations that warrant [...]

Wintertime Warnings: Common Myths about Pets and Cold Weather

Pet owners in Bartow, Florida, can easily be forgiven for thinking that living in the Sunshine State's generally mild climate means their pets are immune to winter weather challenges. However, ensuring the safety and well-being of your furry companion in colder temperatures is crucial in Florida, too. Unexpected chilly spells can impact a pet’s health, [...]

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